Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Busy January 2008 !

Apologies to all readers of Sagaladoola blog !

I understand many visitors are waiting for my follow-up writing on Is The Chinese Short-Sighted and Selfish ? (Part 1 : Kiasu) ... The second part would be titled Kiasi .

Just like any other blogger, I have a job. I am currently besieged by an all-out war on projects submission. It is a four-cornered, ten-directional fight before deadline. Multiple projects submission before the end of January 2008 !

So, people, please bear with me. I shall resume writing in a consistent manner in February. Shall end the chapters to Kiasu, Kiasi and Kiachenghu .

Meanwhile, please visit Malaysiakini ( ) and Malaysia Today ( ) for more news.


Anonymous said...

Haha. Busy is good. All the best in meeting the deadline


Laksarian said...

No wonder I never see you around LKS's blog & malaysia-today anymore.